Human Kindness Productions works closely with The All American High School Film Festival in many capacities. This 2017 Highlight Reel was created by our team using footage provided to us from the 2017 festival in New York City, where hundreds of high school filmmakers screened their films at the AMC Theaters in Times Square. The event weekend draws thousands of young filmmakers, and their families to one of the biggest high school oriented film festivals in the world. 

"Run For Me" by JD & The Straight Shot, filmed live at the famous Station Inn in Nashville, Tennessee. Filmed and edited by the Human Kindness Productions team. Produced by JD and Brian Lindenbaum.

In 2016 AT&T and the All-American High School Film Festival staged a contest for teenagers to create short films about online bullying. Working closely with producers from both organizations, our team edited together a comprehensive film that tells an important story for parents and teens by combining footage from the cyberbullying contest submissions. For more information and resources for understanding the film, please visit

Using audio tracks, video footage and images provided to us, our team was tasked with editing a talent reel for Beats 1 radio host Chris Mirigliani. The finished product successfully tells the story of Chris's exciting radio career while providing visual elements that take the audio to the next level. 

Human Kindness Productions, LLC. and The Helping Up Mission of Baltimore teamed up to tell the recovery story of Ted Merrill. Teddy has been dealing with addiction for years but with the guidance of The Helping Up Mission and his love for poetry, he has been able to gather the strength to create a better future for himself and those around him.

Directed, edited and produced by Alec Pugliese, with camera work from Rebecca Prucha, the Human Kindness Productions team made the music video for Baltimore based band Copes' single, "Vertigo". Filmed entirely with Nintendo's Game Boy Camera, this music video is surely the first of its kind. 

Inspired by the actions of the members of the Philadelphia based band Katie Ellen, Human Kindness Productions, LLC. started the web based mini-series "Reactions of Kindness". In this episode our production team filmed on location at a Katie Ellen show in Washington D.C. With interviews of Anika Pyle of Katie Ellen, Jeff Rosenstock of Death Rosenstock and Morgan Herrell of Hard Girls, this 5 minute webisode tells the story of how sadness and grief evolved into an idea that provides hope for the future of America.